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Adopt-A-Chow Rescue is no longer taking in any fosters. If you have a Chow that needs rescue, the only service we can offer is to notify our national Chow rescue contacts, and/or post your Chow to our "Available for Adoption" list.

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Who We Are -- If you would like a more in depth description of our work
A Few Words -- There are a few pet facts that every owner should be aware of. Most of them are common sense items, but somehow overlooked far too often. Some of them are things that may never occur to us...that we were not even aware of. Hopefully, this article will help to remind, enlighten/inform pet owners on a few things that are important to know.

Chow Rescue Adoption Days Schedule
Available Chows -- For descriptions of available Chows that we have
Adoption/Foster Policies -- To find out what our policies are for adoption/foster of one of our Chows
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Natural Alternatives Links -- There are many questions we have as to what is right for the well being of our pets. The following contain just a few links to help provide you with knowledge of some alternatives that are out there. Many more are to be found by surfing the web. I hope you will find the following selections I have offered you to be enlightening; they were the ones that struck my fancy as I surfed the web one morning after speaking with a concerned pet owner looking for the best food for his Goldens who have severe allergies.
If you find any good sites that would enhance this list of links, please Email me with your suggestion!
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Gus Han James @ the
Catonsville Kennel Club Parade of Rescues
10 October 1998

Gus Han James @
Rodricks For Breakfast
9 May 1999 Mother's Day

This is Gus Han James' rescue story.

Mindchow Bookstore

Each book you buy linked to's site from our page helps us in our rescue endeavors. It will help us to pay for necessary medical care and the day to day upkeep of the Chows in the foster homes.

We thank you for your continued support each time you place your order of items through our site. To order more than one book from our list, use the back button on your browser after adding each item to your shopping cart. For Chow Rescue to receive credit, you must follow the link from our page to each book you'd like to order.

We do Chow Chow Rescue in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We get these chows from shelters, previous owners, and lost or abandoned chows. We evaluate the temperament of the chows; ensure that the chows are current on all shots; make sure they have been groomed before placement if at all possible; and make sure they have been spayed or neutered before they are adopted. Chows do excellently with children, cats, and other dogs. They do well in apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes. If a yard isn't available for the dog, taking it out for long walks or taking it to a fenced-in area where you can play and run freely is sufficient (like an unused tennis court with latching gates). Applications with references and adoption fees are required. All we want for our little sweethearts is a good, loving environment. You can either call or e-mail us to discuss further information as needed or to speak about a specific Chow that we may have available.

For a more specific description of our services, please refer to Who We Are.

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